Sunday, July 05, 2020

40 years of L5 relationships

Angie Wright writes::
This is one of my favourite photos ever! 
Sally Hardy and Pip Wilson at Greenbelt 1980....or perhaps 81? 
40 years of friendship - so so precious. 
What an amazing privilege. Sally and I (friends from when we were 10) met Pip at the Mayflower youth centre in Canning Town on a Crusader holiday the summer of 1980 - along with a gorgeous group of people who have become life-long friends: 

Annabel, Nicola, Ros, Deborah, Bob, Simon (who shared both his life, his wonderful family - Ann and Ben and Mae, and his death with us) Dave, Tim, Pete, Nat, Jan, Dot. 

Many of us have met up regularly two or three times a year for 40 years- either at each other’s houses to ‘level 5’ (for those of you familiar with Pip’s work, you’ll know about this deep and intimate level of sharing) and in between at the wonderful Italian restaurant Da Marios in Covent Garden. 

We were meant to be on a celebratory 40th weekend away this weekend in Ashdown Forest - obviously not possible now because of the pandemic. 
But oh my word we have SO much to celebrate and we will.... next year with all our children too who have shared in this most amazing friendship group. 
I am blessed more than words will ever express by each of you - thank you. 
Love you all very much.