Thursday, July 02, 2020

Thank you everyone here for opening this page of my life::

Thank you everyone here 
for opening this page of my life:: 

Going in. 
And letting out. 
Compared with 

(I don't like the cliche 'FINE')

- I have variations of answers ........
Most def NOT FINE

I am 81 now & that is sort of ridiculous because I feel like a mature 40’s
Yet the hips pain when I walk - 
but I do it. 
I do ache to be with my two daughter & the two little ones. 

I feel a bit like I am glued down & not free to go. 
All I want to be. 
I still have cancer but it is being held - not cured.  
I feel for/ with you.

I have feelings::

And George 
“I can’t breath”. 

I could go on. 
I will go on. 

I write every day on my