Thursday, July 23, 2020

Writing helps me get things out where I can study where I am

A this very moment
I am thinking::
How am I feeling.

I am digging into where I am


Writing helps me get things out

where I can study where I am
where I want to go
Where I want to be.

On this day we have

Granddaughters x 2
Yesterday they invaded our flat
FIRST TIME for about 20 weeks!

We played hide the monkey

( soft toy Monkey always resident here)
The three of us
take it in turns to hide & then find!!

The rules

we must be able to see a little bit of monkey .............. they are both
(aged 10 & 5) are really good at it.
The enthusiasm
is evident in every hide.
So ............... I am a happy Grandad !

They are staying around for a few days.

Playtime for Grandma and Grandad.


We are testing coming out of C19 lockdown

I have not been in a shop for 20 weeks
MrsBeautiful has been in 'one'.
I am more at risk re my age & the cancer.
MrsBeautiful just has the age bit -
ageing beautifully !!

Ran my car into the garage today.

Face covering like a gangster !!
For months it has need a service and MOT
but ......... allowing a stranger to touch everywhere inside the car has been too much of a risk.
I have my wipes ready today for when I get my car back.
Other than these stretching events - we have sat outside in a cafe
"2 flat whites and a smile please"

My relationships have only been online.

You will know so well that falls massively short in terms of communication - keeping & building relationships.
55% of our communication is in the face.
We miss that
I miss that.

I am missing my 121's

mores my training days / facilitating teams, therapists, counsellors, youth workers, teachers, peace workers etc .............
I miss prepping = learning.
I miss human responses = learning for me too.

So stepping forward out of lockdown.


I am feeling OK

Will not say GOOD
But thoughtFULL

I just want to get going.

How are you?

Can you write to dig deeper
other than just fleeting thoughts?


until we meet again here
face to face
Human to Human