Tuesday, July 21, 2020

19 weeks in LOCKDOWN, Cancer, Symptoms, Unlocking, Hugs week for the first time .............

We are in our 19th week of lockdown here at 
Wilson Mansions.
All this time I have had cancer within.
Being held back by hormone injections x 3 monthly.

I don't feel ill.
There is a long list of possible symptoms for such is me.
Hot flushes - a few when I awake at night.
Not often. I just throw off the duvet for a while.

Anxiety - I don't think I suffer.
All my feelings get taken to the washing machine of my mind.
My mini-biog mentions about me being an 
Emotion Detective.
I am always welcoming feelings and learning from them - BUT I am not having them telling me what to do!!

Only today MrsBeautiful & I had a discussion about these things. Emotions that is.
I talk about my emotions to my closest.

We are living in strange times.
Early this week I was sharing my 4 words about having a strategy midst the pandemic. 
I posted it here on my www.pipwilson.com 
About having a strategy but also the steps ahead.
People have always been central in my life.
I feed off them.
I believe I am useful to them too.
I am not in my normal flow of colliding with you.

I have already reconnected with a number of humans who I normally meet up with - face to face - 121.

But I believe I need to get out more.
We walk everyday but that is one routine 
but I need more.
I am still working on this - like an architect !
But I am designing the foundations FIRST  !!

One good thing yesterday::
I had emailed my great Doctor about how we are missing the hugs and closeness with our daughters and granddaughters.
I love them so much ..............
I wanted his views as he knows best about my condition.

Yesterday he phoned me and said that we would be pretty safe in a Family Bubble (including kisses & hugs).
If any of us have any symptoms like loss of smell /  high temperature etc.. 
- we all have to isolate !

I am on the National list of vulnerable humans::
*Over 70 (both of us)
BUT I am not high in the critical list as others with cancers & certain treatments.

So ............. this week, with the girls not a school,
we can meet up and hug for a few days
for the first time in 20 weeks ................
THAT is excellent news and I am certain it will be like therapy for us all.

Also I need to get out and stretch my boundaries more.
Do new things - cafes - eating out - going a shop 
(maybe not)
Getting my ear buds fixed
Car serviced ......... all with caution !

I am still at foundation level.
But now I need to build a new life.