Wednesday, July 08, 2020

My life full of Questions - I share them with you????????

Who do you reach out to for a touch?
Who is the most 'touch friendly' human 
in your life?
Do you make the first move?
Do you wait, always, for another?
Can you love like you have never been hurt?

Do you seek music which uplifts your soul?
Do you stay with your choice from adolescence?
Are you a member of a team and whisper a lot?
Do you work towards creating fertile soil? 
in terms of openness and sensitive sharing 
of feelings?
Are you a team leader who doesn't structure in regular safe spaces 
for sharing of feelings, 
thoughts, vulnerabilities ...?

Do you know how those working besides you 
are feeling?
Do the humans working alongside you, 
know how you are feeling?
Do you dump feelings?
Do you share feelings?

How do you reach out and touch finger tips 
with your Creator?
When - time of day?
Where - place on earth?
Will you come stretch with me ...........................

you are beautiful ....................