Friday, July 03, 2020

U2 Is Preparing For An Upcoming New Album U2 Is Preparing For An Upcoming New Album. Hey Hey - EXCITING

Bassist Adam Clayton Confirms U2 Is Preparing For An Upcoming New Album Which They Recorded The New Songs For In 2019 And Now The Studio Effort Is 'Ready To Go.'

AceShowbiz - U2 are all set to release their next album when the coronavirus lockdown ends, according to bass player Adam Clayton.
The rocker insists the new material won't be released until the pandemic is over, but it's almost "ready" for fans.

"We did some recording last year that got us some really great starting points and complete songs (and now) there's an album ready to go," he tells Rolling Stone. "We're just not really sure when we want to press that button."
"When I say ready to go, I mean ready to be completed. Let's put it that way... It's very, very fresh. We've cut everything quite quickly. We're coming to things in a shorthand way. The feedback we get from that is pretty good. We want to be quick, down and dirty with the next one (album)."