Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A young friend of mine writes from a most powerful EXPERIENCE.

This is written by a young friend of mine 
& published here with his permission

I’m going to tell a story I’ve never put out there till now.... before I do I’ll also explain that a close family members suicide changed the course of my whole life growing up... 

the story: just over a year ago I was at a train station in Essex waiting for the train I saw a woman with tears in her eyes with her toes just over the edge of the platform .. bare in mind this is rush hour no one noticed her and if so they didn’t they say anything.... I stood beside her tapped her hand and she stepped back and looked me in the eyes as i spoke I stood in front of her blocking her path to the track.. I said I noticed you look upset I am a good listener if I would like to talk about it and at first she wouldn’t speak .. then as I was speaking a train came, as I stood Infront of her it pulled up and I said come aint this your train and she hesitantly got on .. I sat next to her and as tears flowed from her eyes she touched my hand and she said you don’t realised what I was about to do there you just saved my life.. i then explained to her about my close family member who took their life and how it’s affected me and my family .. she then explained she had just come from court and someone who abused her for years when she was young got away with it .. anyway I stayed on the train with her until the stop she said was hers and got off with her I wasn’t going to leave her till I was sure she was ok.. I walked her to he exit and she said she’ll be fine and we then hugged... and as I walked away I couldn’t help but cry .. imagine I had got to the station a minute later or didn’t take notice of the women like the other people, you never know what battle people are facing.. we have to be there for our fellow humans in times of need that is that is what humanity is about.. and if your suffering yourself never suffer alone speak to someone 🙏❤️