Monday, October 05, 2020

Blob Tree publishes a Health Pack - BLOB HEALTH COLLECTION - see the range enclosed


A Blob Health Collection
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A Blob Health Collection

Full collection of Blob scenes with a Health theme, includes : Blob A&E, Blob Areas Of Health, Blob Chaplaincy, Blob Drawing The Line Dementia, Blob Drawing The Line (Black & White & 2 Colours), Blob Elderly Care, Blob Grief, Blob Health, Blob Hospital, Blob Memory, Blob Memory Loss (B&W & Colour), Blob Mental Health, Blob Mobility, Blob Obesity, Blob PE lesson (B&W & Colour), Blob Personal Wellness, Blob Research, Blob Service Users, Blob Sexual health, Blob Stages Of Grief (B&W & Colour), Blob Stress Stones, Blob Surgery, Blob Visiting, Blob Ward, Blob Drowning (B&W & Colour), Blob It's Your Road To Walk Rumi (B&W & Colour), Blob Leading Causes Of Death, Blob The Cycle Of Revenge 

Black & White & Colour versions (where available) all included

A total of 36 Blob Scenes in this pack (including black & white and colour variants)

* the purchased images come without watermark and in full resolution

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