Friday, October 02, 2020

Ken Montgomery retires today - a wondrous human.

 I met Ken on a UK Four Nations 

YMCA staff conference many years ago.

APS =  Association of Professional Secretaries 

= All senior staff of autonomous YMCA's.

Snatches of conversation with him amongst the many colleagues led to him applying for a vacancy at Romford YMCA - which was my base for some 18 years.

He was appointed & became our head of Housing.

He came to us with massive experience with his home YMCA in Northern Ireland. From boy to leadership there -and the next step being Romford managing the Hostel & other move-on accommodation = 150 Residents +

He was a great colleague and inspirational amongst our large team.

He later moved to become head of all programmes for us.

Responsible for a whole range of activities 

from Orchestra to Fitness programmes and Childcare

 + + + +

Ken eventually moved on to become a National YMCA

Staff Member - working out of the UK but 

working with the world of YMCA's - 

the largest Youth Organisation in the world.

He will be missed by thousands of YMCA staff & member.

Ken Montgomery


Thanking you for everything