Sunday, October 04, 2020

The JOURNEY since we got wed 56 years ago - - Yesterday - The road less travelled.


Yesterday I blogged about it being our

56th Wedding Anniversary 
A whole batch of pix for you to be
flashed back to the old days!!

We had been ‘courting’, as it was known then,
for three years.
We had saved to get a mortgage on our first home.
A little terrace house in our own district.

It was very little cost to buy in todays terms - 
knowing that so many young couples
struggle to get onto the housing market nowadays.

We were both born and brought up in St Helens
The industrial North West of England
Joan worked in the HQ of Pilkington.

They were the largest producer of glass in the world
and St Helens seemed all Pilkington.

I worked in the Pilkington Research Laboratories
as a Fitter and Turner (of metal products)
meaning I worked in a factory on lathes etc making products
from mainly metal / steel /  brass /  stainless-steel & even asbestos.

Joan was 21 and I was 25 when we married 56 years ago yesterday!!
We both worked with kids in our free time.
Joan with under 12’s and me with teens.


A exactly a year, to the day,  after our wedding day,
We moved out to live and work in a Young Offenders Unit in Cheshire.
We became House Mother & House Father to 15 boys.

Today we would have never stood a chance to do such work.
We were young and unqualified.
But we did it and it was our first big step away from home 
to a lifetime of working with young humans in need.

Thereafter we worked residentially, on the job for 37 years.
Five different posts - five different contexts.

I started my Blog in this place =
in 2003 when I went freelance - doing the work I love.
AND still doing it, other than the current pause for Covid19.

Lots of memories flooding here.
If you search my Blog you can find many stories -
all the action from 37 years and beyond ………