Monday, July 14, 2003

Greenbelt looms ever so soon and the Management Group meet today in a monthly meeting ....... 2003 penultimate. Then follows, so soon, the 30th festival -looking so good if not the best ever. Amazingly the majority of people do go to Greenbelt not because of the line up. We don't go to Cheltenham, we go to the festival no matter where it may be.

That is the following we get and we gather together like a clan, a tribe, a family coming to a wedding of a loved one. And isn't that true? Love, love, love.

We are also getting new family members as we travel. New people who discover that their faith is helped to make more sense because of the gathering of the clan. Roots down walls down. That sort of clan.

Wondrously there are new people who join who faith in God is not too important to them and have not adopted his lifestyle pointers. That thing of being open and welcoming does something to the seekers too. Noses go into the clan lifestyle and ears into the audio spilling from 15000 lips and eyes read the crapminamized non-verbal communication and ........... decide to join the clan. Some hold out their hands and touch finger tips with their new non earthly parent .............with the same dna! ......... and like 'run dmc' ....... "walk this way".

What is all this stuff around Jeffrey John? What is this gay scene which seems to scare some people of faith. Anger some people of faith? Bigot some people of faith. So ....... the clan discusses and discovers a faith that is vivid and real today and not locked into ancient dogma. Didn't we run through this pathway of nettles when we had the women's issues in new focus ....... as we still do? Didn't we work at this and get stung when apartidete was a ugly blot for the world prejudice still is?

I will go to Greenbelt to learn so much and most of it ...... I am not looking for because I am not there yet ...... not even looking. But it is beautiful to discover that newness which exercises the mind and the whole of me.

To offer is also on my agenda. My uniqueness will take something new into the clan. My journey in the last year will be shared and in my sharing I myself will discover new things as it pours from my soul and becomes concrete.

And you ............................?

hmmm Greenbelt ..............................