Tuesday, July 15, 2003

BACKTOBACK .....talking to two people.

One wanted to talk and able. Open and thinking and feeling and articulating the feelings. There was a depth of feeling and knowledge about feelings and dependancy. Problems yes. Big, so big I cannot tell you. It started well and finished well. An agreement for more.

Another was 'suggested' into talking by another so we sat on a bench outside alone. I was alone because the 'wait a minute' lasted 6 and I was about to go when ........there was two on the bench.
" I cannot talk. I have all-sorts of feelings and they can only come out when I explode. I am scared of my feelings and I cannot talk but want to"
My words just said that I am available when needs sweep the will over the fear of touching those feelings. Feelings are like a volcano, they will erupt and hurt the person and others when they do. The 'hell of a young life' is heading for more hell. Scared of the feelings inside. Honest to say the feelings are depressing and hurting but not able to talk. We agreed to meet and talk when ............ I hope it is not too late. There is pain inside.

Confidentiality keeps me vague so I apologize.