Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Just watched a vid from oldtime Greenbelt. Trouser Television
Was produced and directed by Willie Williams of Greenbelt and U2 fame.
He went on to have a 60 million budget for doing the same with a smalltime band and it was called the Zoo tv tour or something.

The tape is old and made to be shown in episodes like we will again the is year. It is SO wonderful and has so many people starring in it. Some I know the names. Others looking so young and now........
*rain was filmed with toilets too
*There was Steve Fernie talking to a tent
*lots of people telling jokes .....some funny
*A nappy change race with two babies who will now be ..... almost teenagers ( I don't want to give the year away)
*the punk orchestra
*two people giving a one minute seminar each and talking at the same time.

......... it is so fab that I want to play it all in the retro show being done by Martin Wroe and myself this year. The tape is all fronted by Willie who will be with us in the flesh.

I want to show it you now!!

So that is one of the top shows to get to which is not in the leaflet ..... much. There is so much which will not be expected and great ......... that is Greenbelt all over ....... it is impossible to tell the treats up front. I don't know the extent of all the programme and THAT is exciting.
Pip Wilson bhp