Thursday, July 03, 2003

I like Moby.............

I saw on TV what he said about George Bush and I think he has a unique contribution to this art we love and the justice we crave ...... so I nicked his words from his daily blog an push them in front of your eyes ............bhp

7/2/2003 - Tarvisio, Italy

hi. we're in italy now, but i wanted to write something about my experience at glastonbury.
for many, many years i assumed that i would never get to perform at glastonbury. and then in 1997 or '98 i was invited to perform in the dance tent.
it was a muddy and cold festival that year, but i was still quite thrilled to finally be on the bill at glastonbury.
and then in 2000 we were invited to perform again, but this time on the 2nd stage before nine inch nails performed.
and again i was thrilled to have been invited to be at glastonbury, which really is the mother of all festivals.

and then this year we were invited (and when i say 'we' it's not the royal 'we', but rather my band and i...) to headline the closing day at glastonbury.
my feelings went beyond being thrilled, because it seemed a bit too much to be headlining the same stage where radiohead and r.e.m were also headlining.
but no, much to my surprise it wasn't a clerical error, they actually wanted me to headline the closing night at glastonbury.
and i'm ecstatic that it went as well as it did. i had envisioned people leaving for the parking lot while we were performing, but from what i could see from the stage it looked as if everyone actually stayed.
so, thank you.
thank you to the festival organizers who invited us to perform on the pyramid stage.
and thank you to everyone in the audience who chose to watch our performance as opposed to trekking to the parking lots.

i had a wonderful time at glastonbury, so thanks again everybody.

performing to 125,000 people at glastonbury has definitely been one of the highlights of my life and my career.
so again, thank you.