Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I have spent some large time with one person with a cv like this:-

18 years of smoking crack and heroin and now taking 12mm a day of methadone which is a substitute.
Some time ago he was taking 55mm a day of methadone a day.
Erratic. Talks all the time. Then alone and isolates self.

I feel .......... he ................
Needs to spend one hour a week with a counsellor and experience one hour of consistency a week rather than just bouncing around from one person to another. I am not the person to help. I can be a friend, a support, an item of unconditional love.

It is so easy to hide behind the dress, the cover, the mask.. That is superficial. A mask. A shell ........but the inner person is the most important and that needs some sort of special help and consistent love.
b beautiful .................