Wednesday, October 13, 2004

.......... with the world 'living beyond it's means ..................

@ Greenbelt a project was started by a group of people there.
It is called 'a year of living generously'
The idea is for them to encourage each other to do things which have a small impact
BUT big when 100 people do it .......... now there is a hundred and there could be more.
I have not had the time to consider and do - but I am sold on the issue -

These are some of the ideas posted on the website - and I have only just got the link.
Have a view and see what you think - consider - maybe we could encourage each other?
see web link at the foot ....... but read these little ideas ........ interesting ....... and they all have links so we can find out more ....

Generous Actions Underway Now
1. Turn Off The Tap

2. Get Rid of Some of Your Books

3. Change the World for a Fiver

4. Put a Brick In It!

5. Say Grace Before a Meal

6. Recycle Your Old Mobile

7. Stop Taking Carrier Bags from Shops (Just say No!)

8. Share a Meal With Someone Outside Your Comfort Zone

9. Slow Down, Calm Down, Stick to the Speed Limit

10. Good, good, good … Good Vibrations! Switch to Good Energy!

11. Start Banking Ethically!

12. Shower More, Bath Less

13. Give Someone a Gift of Life When You’ve Gone on to Higher Things!

14. Switch to Energy Saving Lightbulbs (How About Six Over the Year?)

15. Breathe Easy - Plant a Tree

16. Organise Your Charitable Giving - Get the Tax Back Too!

17. Take a Mug to Work - Don’t Use Plastic

18. Get Rid of Your Car! (OK, ambitious, but…)

19. Take Your Clothes Off (Well, Give Some Away Anyway!)

20. Compost Yourself - Or at Least Your Leftovers!

I wish I could make these links blue and alive for you!