Monday, October 04, 2004

......... Brant was at Greenbelt this year - from US.
His website
is well worth a visit ........ this is a bit from his home page .....;

Greenbelt Rocked! Brant returned from his week in the UK with newfound friends and fans. Greenbelt is like nothing you can experience in the US. We have our share of festivals...but nothing like the social consciousness of Greenbelt. Getting to sit back and listen to Martyn Joseph, Cathy Burton, Nathan Johnson, Peter Case and others was incredible. Some of the highlights included meeting up with author Steve Stockman (Walk On - Relevant Books) and playing at his venue, participating in a panel discussion with Publisher Gordon Charlton (Reverb Music) & Producer Jude Adam (BBC Radio 6), appearing on Greenbelt Radio hosted by Ruth Liskutin, and attending a songwriters workshop called The Rising with Martyn Joseph each morning. Brant also got to hang out with Dove award-winning songwriter Paul Field (Testify to Love)...more to come on that relationship in the near future!
Finally, Brant got to meet Greenbelt legend Pip Wilson and spend many hours into the night with Pip and his buddies.
Wonderful conversation about "Beautiful Imperfection."
Brant will be returning to the UK in early December for a 10 day tour. Be sure to check out the links page for more info on all the people Brant met and show them some support! Peace.