Friday, October 29, 2004

.... Witches and Bitches
Daughter flys in from USA laden with cobwebs spiders and all things fun and has already organised the party for the week-end.
Dress Code = Scary
I have told the Mother in law - she can come dressed as she is!
Scary enough!

We are up North visiting the Mother in law and timed so we can go to the Manchester city stadium for the rugby league tri-nations game - Great Britain v Australia. I am excited and woke this morning trying to pick the best team in my head.

Drove up late last night and three hour M25/M6 gets us to the glass/rugby town of our birth. St Helens Lancashire, I say - even though someone decides to give it a 'merseyside' tag a few years ago.

Did a digital DJ set last night using my mactop and ipod - combination of 16000 tracks available . How many jocks can load in that much plastic for a gig? I enjoyed it - I can play and talk about music endlessly.

The latest album I have bought is Mos Def 'the new danger'. You may not like - it is reasonably hard hip hop. A talented human and I find it fab stuff and I think these hip hp artistes are prophets of our time. The last two albums have been hip hop;
Talib Kweli 'the beautiful struggle'
Kanye West 'the college dropout'

The latter contains the track 'jesus walks' which I raved about at Greenbelt.

Next week-end is a Greenbelt w/e away and the following one is a Dunford conference centre 'can opener' conference where we, as a national ymca group, try to open the can on all things spiritual and maybe even Christian. The only bad things about these gigs is missing some games of the tri-nations grrr.

All the above is about activity and I usually tell you how I am. All-right thanx. Felt a bit like a slug this morning when it was time to open my eyes to the day. I didn't for some time. It is because it is the end of a busy run of work/mission/excitement/stretch/loveitloveit. I feel good. Feel that this last week has been fantastic. Some fab groups with humans. I feel blessed. Believe that others will have been blessed in differing ways. Would love to know in great detail but that sometimes takes years to leak out.
dull head

These are my five words to describe my life at the moment.
Whats yours?
Ask someone.
Tell someone.
It is beautiful


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"work like you don't need the money
dance like no-one is watching
sing like no-one is listening
love like you have never been hurt"

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