Wednesday, October 06, 2004

....... every week I click.
I take pix of the humans I work with.
Every week I show those pix and the ones before on my mactop.
It is called a slideshow with the pix on for one second whilst I play alongside some fab music.
Macs can do this.
Music alongside pix.
It moves the climate.
It tells a story.
I have 6373 of them in 18 months.
They show a story of faces and interactions.
I intersperse the pix of the humans I spend time with with images which disturb.
Or comfort.
Jesus being kissed
A road.
I sad human.
The future is not set - statement.
A beautiful image.
Blob human images.
Things that say something of hope.
It touches the soul.
Some people weep.
Some think quietly.
Some are disturbed to comment.
That is what I do and it is electric in permanence.
I want to show you but I cannot show the private community.
The beautiful humans.
But - some allow me to reprint their Poems.
Their art.
Their heartache.
They are in the pearls.
That is one thing I do