Sunday, October 24, 2004

...L5 Group this week-end ..... joining Ann Ben and Mae Slade at their home for a take-away Chinese ....

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..... yes here we are after a full session of Level Five and if you don't know what the hell I am on about - follow the link from my home page:-
This will give you an ideaa of what we have been and becoming over 24 years .......
I think it is a remarkable experience and lifespan happening and moreso because it has lasted so long.

My head is buzzing from the interactions and thoughts left lingering in my soul. It is the things others said and poured from L5 commitment BUT also, strangely but not unexpected - ever, what I said. When there is a safe environment anywhere and a climate of trust amongst a human group, there is a gentle genuine questioning that disturbs the duvet covering the soul and out pops words unrehearsed. Words and thought not yet concluded and it is good to hear my soul.

One thing else before I slip into being a click machine forever - it is wonderful to have the gang around our place this time. It is great how they come in, kick of their shoes, lounge anywhere, drink and eat anything, swop seats, smoke my cigars .......... generally make themselves at home because where we have been over the 24 years (4 homes) is their home too.

"Maybe nothing is more important than that we keep track, you and I, of these stories of who we are and where we have come from and the people we have met along the way because it is precisely through these stories in all their particularity . . . that God makes himself known to each of us most powerfully and personally."
Frederick Buechner (Telling Secrets , 1991)