Friday, October 01, 2004

.......... well ..... here I am on Friday new month ....... Paris France.
It is great to drink champagne on the eurostar
wi-fi in the hotel - not bad eh?
and ............. I talked to a man from Iraq with now hope - yesterday
I love the walk through late night Paris and a meal and drinks with the woman I love
Yesterday I had dinner with a man who cannot phone home to Iraq
He wants Saddam back
Water electricity and telephones are worse now - he says.
He has no hope
I talked to him about having hope.
A glass half empty or a glass half full.
And here I am enjoying myself and enjoying Cointreau in the country of birth

....... and I am thinking about how you are because there is conflict and pressures in life and I don't know who you are unless you tell me ......

bless you in your becoming ......