Sunday, October 10, 2004

............ yes it is Sunday and today we go to the wedding of the year ..........

It is Michelle and Phil Wright - long time nicknamed 'frienboy' in our family but not now!!

Here is a picture of them at the Big Farewell when I left my last job;

I will post pic from the wedding when I get home Sunday night
AND that I must do to ensure I record Gilles Peterson at 11 pm
He has a live show with Bjork which also includes an Icelandic choir

sorry I cannot turn these links blue so you can click them direct instead of pasting them into your browser.
Can anyone tell me how to do this on my Mactop?

I start a new 'Road Less Travelled' group on Monday and as usual - I am nervous.
New humans who have chosen to spend three sessions over three weeks with me.
Journeying together along a road I have never trod even.
I want to be at stretch and yet so sensitive and gentle.
It will be planned (tomorrow before the wedding) so it will develop all of us there AND have skills and tools to take away. It is a life management course.

I take another sip of wine and light another cafe creme cigar - these activities reserved only for evenings - when I am indoors.

After the RLT Course I will go direct to the New Piccadilly for a light bitel - my favourite place on earth - and then on to a Greenbelt Management Group which will be Fab fab.

I think that will do for now - feel a bit sick watching Robbie Williams in over-pose mode on MTV.