Sunday, October 31, 2004

..... well we delighted in the Oz v GB yesterday other than the last minute.
In case you didn't hear - we lost in the last minute of the game after playing so well against the well known best in the world of Rugby League.
We will think positive of the rest of the game because it was so tense and exciting throughout - until the last moment.
We will be streaming down the M1 when the highlights will be shown on BBC tv today - stink.
Must get one of those recorders I can understand!

Here we are in St Helens Lancashire and we drove past;
1 21 Fry Street - my home until I left to marry Joan at 25 years old. And the home of my Mother until she died about 10 years ago.
2 189 Broad Oak Road which was the first home of this young married couple for exactly one year to the day ....... then we sold up to go and work in an Approved School in Mobberley in Cheshire.
3 The YWCA Nunn Street where we lived in a flat above the club I ran for five years - packed with young hells angels and some humans so full of beautiful imperfection.
4 St Helens YMCA where a corridor, behind the snooker room, was converted into a flat for Joan Joy Ann and Pip to live while we ran an exciting work including 'fish rapper' a music chat late night show which was attractive to the local drug tasters.
5 Allanson Street Junior School where I was the second best fighter and where I seemed to drop to a deeper level of academic standard each year. Funny how nobody ever told me about the 11+ examination.
6 St Peters Church where we went and spent our first few years of Christian-hood...... until God wagged his little finger and we sailed away to a future of risk and uncertainty outside our St Helens comfort zones.

Now ....... back home to the base .......... see you later ...... I will bang a couple of pictures here before I bed down tonight ....

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