Wednesday, October 27, 2004

....... Philip Beadle is a man I have never met but today he has won the teacher of the year award

Some thirty years ago we drove down the M1 in a VW camper van to live in the East End of London. In it was Joan and me, of course, Gloria the Canary and the sheilas. Joy was then eight and Ann two years old. Both of them were educated in the worst schools in the country. The Secondary School was Eastlea where the teacher of the year 2004 is based. And I am delighted for him and the school.

The Sheilas have developed into outstanding human beings and still becoming - not just being. One is now a TV Direcctor and the other a Fashion Stylist trotting the globe to get my iPod gadgets and cigars!
Their most outstanding achievements are being wondrous humans NOT just their work and relationships ....... hmmm.

I always remember that Joy decided to change her options in the latter end of her schooling there. When she informed the teacher that she intended to go to Fashion College and work in that industry - the teacher laughed in her face.

It was a tough old school and still is I guess. Then, like now, there was some fab teachers - there, in the grime of that London Borough with once the highest crime rate and other distasteful deprivation factors, shines a light or two.

So I was delighted to read about this 'teacher of the year' and one fab quote:-
"He is really straight up and lets you know he has feelings as well" said one of the kids.

A quote on his classroom wall:-

"Beauty can be found in the banal.
Beauty can be found in the mundane.
Beauty is found in the smallest detail"

... thank you God for those who work in the toughest situations and often get no credit.
Thanx for the credit for this beautiful human .........