Monday, October 18, 2004

.... An articleof mine just published ......

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

.... it is in a YMCA World magazine and even though I have not seen it yet ..... it is out there doing it's stuff ..... kicking off like this;
Young people - not only human beings, but humans becoming

Pip Wilson is an independent Facilitator, Trainer and Group Worker following 25 years of service for the YMCA in England. He is the author of four books and designer of many developmental exercises and games used world wide. Here he gives his views on the importance of strategically preparing young people for leadership.

Above the Reception of the YMCA I led for eighteen years is a large sign in bold letters: "Young people are not only our present - they are our future."

When I was fifteen, I was as bad as a member of a youth group. I was just about to be rejected as a member - but - the leaders gave me another option. They asked me if I would take responsibility for a group of young teenagers. Accepting that was the beginning of a lifetime of leadership.

..... catch the whole article and others on the subject written by humans around the planet .....