Thursday, March 09, 2006


Five Words to describe my life at the moment .....


...... and you?

I am flying into Belfast tomorrow and leading a week-end of forty Beautiful Human Persons - who I don't know yet! Scary!......... but I like it!
I am focused on doing the prep for that and packing all my gear to the Easy-Jet minimum!
iPod being filled with Rolling Magazine kinda music so we can 'boom-d-room' and...
filling up my Mactop with new Blobs and images to stimulate and stretch all humans within reach.

Monday I have a Christian Aid meeting all day (do you believe in life before death?)
And a Greenbelt meeting all evening ........... and two pints in the local Greenbelt pub.
Tuesday - day off. Me and my beloved are hoping to catch the Johnny Cash movie which avoided us at two cinemas last day off. (by the way - I did buy the movie CRASH sometime ago and found it a deep and moving experience - terrible in parts)

......... and you?