Tuesday, March 14, 2006

.... with permission from Mike .... I just love getting a little email out-a-d-blue ........

Hi Pip

You don't know me. Me and my friends used to be Greenbelt regulars in the 90s and we've seen your Rolling Magazine a fair few times! One of those friends just sent me a link to your website and it's brought back many positive memories.

Never got a chance to speak to you, which is a shame. Wanted to say thank you for what you did there, for giving us the opportunity see life from a different perspective, for entertaining, but most of all for making us think. I'm not going to claim you've turned my life around (it was never very broken!), but even 15 years on I still regard the Greenbelt experience as a major influence in my development. And you certainly were a part of that, so thanks!

Time is a strange thing isn't it? 15 years is in some ways forever and in others, a blink. Seems like not long ago when I was sitting in a Greenbelt field watching some band called Chagall Guevera. What a night!

Then I think about what I've done since then. Then I notice that time seems to speed up as you get older. Then I think that the next 15 years will feel as long as the last 9, and before I know it I'll be 70! A good reason not to waste the now, eh?! I'm trying to do the things I'd do if I were given 2 years to live (without being too reckless of course). This mainly translates to putting the love of my life before my career, riding a bike, taking a few risks, travelling... and not worrying too much!

I think you're a good bloke Pip, much loved! If you ever find yourself near Loughborough, there's a cup to tea waiting for you. Or a pint if you'd prefer!



(and on behalf of Stu, Paul, Andy, Lee)
Greenbelts 91 - 98