Thursday, March 23, 2006

So many humans I know try to bury strong feelings ...........

Life experiences from our recent or distant past - often leave strong - powerful feelings.

To bury them inside is not the answer.

These things are not buried dead.
They are alive
inside us.

These things are buried alive
and they stay alive and hurt and

drain emotional energy from us.
They are not dead
they are
active inside

These little packages .....
maybe bigger packages,
are like parcels all wrapped up
with string and selotape.

They are buried because
they are uncomfortable to live with
- to handle
- to manage.

They all need to be pulled out from the gut
pulled out from the acid indigestion
and opened up.

Examined and dealt with.

they can be buried dead.

Not inside us alive
- buried alive ......

you are beautiful