Saturday, April 08, 2006


This a new Blob, only half of the tool is here - I don't place them on the net because the copyright is misused, created for all but targeted at those who are dads or run programmes of this kind.

It is fantasic in use.

I used it with a group of Mums in Northern Ireland and many other other mixed groups. It is fab .................

...... and ........... Remember::
Blob Tools are not best used on your own as a mental exercise.
They come alive in a group context.
If the group leader always takes the lead
by doing the task first:
it sets the tone of depth not superficiality;
it shows how the exercise can be conducted for those who did not concentrate and hear well;
it is pitched well to suit the context of the group.

It is a resource for you to explore first
and then use as a means of opening the thought and verbal proces and talking about feelings.

See below, in the blog stream, if you want to know more about the books available for you and yours .......

you are beautiful