Sunday, April 02, 2006

I promise I won't mention my wee laptop again ...... until it is fixed ...... and that was not today!

Even the wonders of Tomek could not bring it to life so it will have to visit the Apple Store in the heavenly place - for a resuscitation not a burial! - I hope.

We had a glorious first visit to their new home - the grand tour (a BBQ next time!) and just hung out talking (as hard drives whirred in the background) about old times and all our adventures. We had been planning to get together over Easter but the 'unmentionable' issue brought us together sooner,

Thanx for reading my blog daily Anita.
I never know who clicks this way but
I have a deep sense of satisfaction
when someone tells me they do.
I just feel good about it.

Joan's Mother was taken into hospital yesterday and out of it today. Lots of uncertainty in our life at the moment in this situation. I don't think she has the same uncertainty due to her condition. On top that - Joan has Jury Service for the next two weeks.

I will be in touch soon ......... remember ....... that you are special ......... unique ........
............. a beautiful human