Saturday, April 01, 2006


.... is the first word on this G4 Mactop screen which is in lockdown with my reports, training tools and finances for my work + + + +I have never seen the like of it before .... is it fatal?

I tried my best and have done things never attempted before like downloading files to a hard drive to save ........ but in my (beautiful) imperfction I have made things worse ....... all in an attempt rescue my photos of you .......... amidst 35k of them.

I have not only a volunteer saviour by the name of Tomek - but it has also triggered an invitation to dinner at their place. That means after Church we will jump a groove down that way and I hope I will be returning with a saved G4 and a good social time too.

Out tonight at my favourite Italian in Covent Garden with the Level Five group.
Moday and Saturday of next week is for Greenbelt meetings and a few days when I would love my laptop/toolbox.

have all sorts of strange feelings at the moment - maybe a cure is a good pasta?