Saturday, April 08, 2006

I met with
Emanuel (L)
James Xhevahir

...... and I failed to tell you any more details but ............

.......... here is a few clicks from Emanuael following a forwarded photo from me, not this one, from a few years ago as we stood outside the YMCA.

Over to Emanuel ::

Hi Pip,

Many thanks for the photo, I was stunned and felt a sense of disbelief when I saw myself, thin,tired and different.I am glad now that I had the opportunity to have the support of people, people that occuppy a special place in my heart .To them I have dedicated some short words, sometimes called 'words of poetry':

To You,
I found power
power found me.
My soul is reconciled now
My life is real.
I touch almighty
when I see dark,
only almighty saves me.
To you,
the greatest of all ...

I hope you will like it,