Sunday, April 02, 2006


by Dr Sally Nash, Grove Booklets (Youth Series), £2.95, available on: 0115 973 3295 or

I read this book within an hour of receiving it and found myself wishing that every book that I read regarding youth work said as much with such brevity, honesty, clarity and sheer condensed wisdom!

Whilst Sally has not just written this for youth workers I believe that they are a good target when it comes to advice and support regarding this critical subject – I say this based on my own experience as a youth worker and a significant amount of contact with many who struggle with this area of life. Sally draws upon her (and husband Paul’s) considerable youth work experience to offer a non-proscriptive and creative approach to reflecting on the spiritual journey.

She offers some great ways of analysing where you are in relation to your own spiritual development and a good range of processes to explore the theme – from ‘Mixer Desk metaphor’ to an Ignation Examen process!

The book concludes with a model for charting your spiritual ‘rhythm’ using the metaphor of ‘marker posts and shelters’ as well as a clear and practical example of how to apply the model. I for one will be ordering a number of copies to share with fellow travellers – a timely life line for us as we continue to work out our faith with the young people we serve.

Dave Wiles
(CEO - Frontier Youth Trust)