Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Bit ......

.... have been a bit concerned about Joyce.

'A bit' not giving it due credit.
She has not been well and it is not physical.

I think - but who knows - she has not been eating and THAT -with medication- is not a good thing. She has caused us much concern in the past few weeks.
This week-end we go and she seemed fine.

I am pleased but the concern remains when we are not there and she is of deep concern to others and ourselves.
We took her to Southport which is North from Liverpool on the West coast. I have many childhood and teenage memories of this place.Not much has changed. It was a good feeling to walk around a bit.
Watched my team on the TV on Friday night when we got there after a five hour heavy drive .. ...
It was tough tired tense and troubled game. (bit like me!)
We won having not played well.

Listened to five hours music of course.
Had the iPod on a shuffle.
Not done that for ages.
5108 songs on shuffle - so I heard stuff I had not heard for a long time::
Rage against the machine
Leftfield ...........

Indoors I had my little player which takes my iPod.
It runs for 10 hours on a recharge battery.
I use it most for training session vibes but here, in this context, a great companion.

Returned tonight drained.
Maybe refreshed due to the different agenda.
Will tell tomorrow.
Busy week.

Read some stuff when I was away.
Read a sentence and think for 15 minutes - that sort of stuff.

It is a book for Trainers - all about Transactional Analysis. Loveitloveit .......

I appreciate you clicking this way ...... with all your other priorities ........ I wish you wonder as you pause to click this way and as you ponder that next step you will take when your eyes move away from this screen .............. and how you will communicate to the next human you interact with ............ that eye contact - that facial expression ......... may it be love-giving ....... because ...

..... you are beautiful ...........