Sunday, April 09, 2006

.... met with Ian during the last week in ..
The New Piccadilly
..... of course .......... with a Publisher who is already pumping out the ....
..... and soon, if all goes well, will be publishing a new book which will target a specialist market.

The Target will be Psychologists,Educational Psychologists, Counsellors, Drug and Alcohol Specialists, Youth Workers, Community Workers and Teachers working with Special Needs BHP's - and more - maybe you?

The list of Blob Tools for this project goes something like this ::

Emotions (23)
Blob Anger
Blob Anger cycle
Blob Anger Cards 1
Blob Anger Cards 2
Blob Anger Cards 3
Blob Anger Cards 4
Blob Anger Cards 5
Blob Anger Cards 6
Blob Anger Cards 7
Blob Calm
Blob Depression
Blob Disappointed
Blob Happy
Blob Hate
Blob Hyper
Blob Jealousy
Blob Lonely
Blob Mixed-up
Blob Numb
Blob Paranoia
Blob Rejection
Blob Trauma
Blob Worry

Tomorrow I visit the BHP who was my Publisher of my first five books when she worked for Harper Collins.

Did you know that Ian and me are ........... you may not know - we are ::