Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hey - hello - thanx for clicking this way .....

I have been out for long days and only today on catch up and want to say - hey!!

I ....... Returned to a road once travelled today.
Exactly a year since I departed from this community -
I returned to mix with warm beautiful humans.

I was given a wee cafe cream cigar - the ones I smoke - by a man with very special needs.
from the poorest came a gift to me.
I experience that so many times.
Generosity from the beautiful .............
I wan to tell you more about him but it would not be right -
maybe when I next see you ......... I will and want to.

A most beautiful human gave me a kiss.
She held me at arms length for months as she tested my trust.
Then she let me in - close.
A year later from last seeing her - a kiss.
In the past she would not let me take a photo.
Then she let me.
Another beautiful sign.
Today she let me take a pic of her with two black eyes.
She had them - not me.
I didn't even ask how she got them.
Being with her was enough.
I will ask if I can post her black-eyed-human-face here.
So you can se her here
I want to.
But it is her face.
Her eyes.
Her decision.

I was welcomed too
by Staff who are still there in a wondrous groove
of loving the humans I once loved
and do

I miss em

I once poured my life into this community
for two years
yearning for us all to grow
for me

A small number I see and hear about
they too are on the journey
others battered and damaged
seemingly stuck
and yet
and to get no visible response
and love the same
a man on a cross once did that
I saw others doing that today
not naked on a cross
but 2006 humans
looking into empty eyes with love

this word
I can find no other

If you are reading this
you - in that place
that community
I feel - royal
because you welcomed me
valued me
gave me time
something you do for so many.
I feel accepted