Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Joan and me .....

.... went to see Jose Gonzalez at Hammersmith Odean - now called 'Apollo' ............ it is years since I went there.

Think I saw Bruce Cockburn there years ago and loads big names over the years.

Jose has a few hit singles and a few of his are used on TV adverts so if you have never heard of this Swedish man ......... his album is good and he is a remarkable guitar player - but lost in a large venue like this and found it a bit boring.

I have not sat down for a gig for years, it seats about 2.5k, and felt all closed in. Was really packed....... but I felt I wanted to escape - or stay in the bar. I like a gig where you can move around - dance around - up the front - or at the back .......

Shame ....... but glad we did it.

The Sheilas are missing from my life ::
Ann is 'pimping' someones ride.
Joy is still in Paris but we hope to be meeting up, all of us, on Bank Holiday Monday - May 1st, for a special bita Greek nosh at our favourite cheap eats

Until then ........ I am flying .....

you are a unique human