Tuesday, April 11, 2006


.... as you know they are four deep senses which can help us on the way to being vulnerable to an overdose .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

....... of whatever is our weakness.

I feel Tired right now.

What is your pick from the four?

In those situations we can row with the nearest and dearest.
We can do what we regret afterwards.
We can damage things - self - and others.
We can get depressed when there are other things we can do - if we clock those feelings - signals from god to our soul and mind.
Flick the switch to ON.
So we need to tune in to those feelings and have a strategy when those bells start to ring.

I have had a good and busy day ....... but I know I need to relax and then catch some zzzzzz.
What do you need and how do you do it?

Right now I want to post some pix of the humans - Beautiful Humans who I have been with today .............. and just take a deep look and see the beauty ........... hmmm