Saturday, June 03, 2006

...... been in Burton-Upon-Trent today.
Another 5 am start.
Don't mind
rather be early than rushing
like to be early and set up for the gig in good time.
Getting out of London and through the M1 jams is slow but better than later.

Was a day with a group of Trustees and Senior Staff.
Vision Mission Values - Strategic Management stuff, and I love it.
Love the humans
the buzz
the interactions
the passion.

Sorry I have been off-line.
I always want to reflect and yearn in this place.

Got a text off Big John today
saying I was exceedingly beautiful
I receive that with warmth
I know he means it

Had a Text today from my friend Torgrim in Norway
asking how I was feeling
I was driving
I guess 'feeling' as well
something like being apprehensive in a focusing sort of way
It is it not very beautiful that he cares?

Will be answering those tomorrow.

Someone said to me today
that of all his years in Management
the session I led today was the best he has experienced
I thanked him for the trouble he took to say it
maybe 99% of others thought I was rubbish
(just a joke - )
I don't believe I am ever rubbish
But sometimes I know when sessions have not met my expectations
and I sense the disappointment in others sometimes
but not today.

Few humans give deliberate honest feedback in life and work
Guess that is true for you?
As I clicked yesterday
an interaction from one human to another is always felt as a negative one
unless it is clear it is a genuine positive/affirmation.
7% of any communication is words
the rest is the
body language
human warmth.

Who did you give human warmth to today?
Who did you help to feel 'of value' today?
Someone who served that coffee to you?
The human behind the till?

I send you some human warmth tonight
as my finger tips touch these keys
my finger tips are reaching out - to your unique finger tips
we can touch in web space
and feels good
thanx for clicking this way
may the 'interior you' have an eternal warm glowing fire
and make sure the fireplace is ok too!!