Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well well ....... just had my laptop keyboard up-d-creek for a day ....
..... just got it going ......

Was worried because I am on a two day training gig Mon/Tues and all my brains are downloaded here.
More important - the sense and creativity from a great number of friends and wondrous mac humans ......

Now I am away in Tonbridge Wells on our L5 w/e.
It is something special to be with humans who have been together over 26 years. We never have to explain anything from the past. The stories now, often with references backwards, all make sense with continuity.

You may find it strange to sit in a room and each human around you having an hour to talk about their life. With lots of questions of course. Always liberating questions. Always beautiful.
It is always a pressure to come away at the end of a busy week. Yet it is the most beautiful experience - to LEVEL FIVE.

"One of the most pervasive emotions in the atmosphere around us is fear.
People are afraid – afraid of inner feelings,
afraid of other people,
and also afraid of the future.
And fearful people have a hard time waiting."
Henri Nouwen

I find I tap some inner depths when I talk - get deep and moved about some aspect of my stumble through life - other elements bring enthusiasm up through my throat. I bubble. I tap a sharing energy - some of that because of the thirsty ears around me.

Hope you are ok and others around you are ok?
(I'm ok - you are ok)

Hope this text does not make you sick?
Hope it may ask you to consider starting a Level Five group.
It can be done.
Just needs a step outside the comfort zone.
It is beautiful ....
You are beautiful ..............

"By the way, the hardest part of unconditional Love is accepting wherever we are at in the moment no matter how uncomfortable.
The hardest part of acceptance is not the difficulty of allowing others their process (although Lord knows that can be very hard); it is allowing ourselves our own process without shame and judgment.
I can do that now most of the time.
I know now that when it feels like crap it is not punishment, it is not because I am bad or wrong or defective. . .
What I know now is that when it feels like shit that means that I am being fertilized to help me grow."

~Robert Burney