Thursday, June 15, 2006


.... Wilson Mansions here ..... hope you are ok?
Bit tired?
Bit unloved?
Bit overexcited?
Pumped up?

I have some come down feelings after intensity and some strange travel experiences this week.

One evening I got caught in a downpour in m,y summer styli.
It belted it down as I walked from the station and my underpant - wallet - camera - phone - you name it .......... stinking drenched.
Like never before - honest.

Then a flight in with a 3 hour wait plus another due to delays grrrr.

Then tonight. A three hour sit on a tube train under London town. All due to a death on the line.
How can I complain!
All in all - strange week. A great stimulating week but it leaves me a wee knackered.

So five words to describe my life at the moment ..........
relaxing (Cointreau helps and a wee cigar)
reflecting - so much going on in my head as I am yearning to understand it all .....
beautifulimperfection - I feel ok and you are ok .......... but aware of some of the 'could do betters'
holidays - I am aware that is coming at me ........
stimulated - by spending time with humans in such powerful learning situations .........

Is that ok?
Being as honest as I can - it is me right now. In the morning I will be pumping about the next challenge ......................... but not tonight.

I did lots of little notes in my pocket book as I commuted/stationary!
Some of them may end up as blogs.
They are the sort of reflections which is pulling me to understand beyond my known awareness.

Some of them are 'Tube Interaction Analysis'.
Some interesting dynamics happens to individual humans when a train stops and suddenly we have something in common to talk about.
An older Greek man took the opportunity to talk to everyone.
One man sat drinking beer, sipping from a plastic bottle which smelled like paraffin AND at the same time consumed a massive amount of little wooded twigs which I understand are a kind of drug. Hmmm.

And the red and whites were on the train.
England supporters who want to demonstrate it with colour.
Mixed with deadbeats (me!) and the male and female 'suits'.

Lots of us were sharing fact (level two communication) about how it may be possible to catch a bus in such strange territory up there above ground.
I wonder if rabbits and rats feel a bit like that?
There was no L4 or L5 but lots of opinions (L3).
It made life interesting with the massive ethnic mix which were reps from this other world - up above.
We were all equal in the context we were in ............

............... so much to reflect on and will do when I get a chance .........

L5 w/e this week-end.
Will tell you about that when another day appears ........

............ you are beautiful and hope yo know it in your head .....
....... and feel it in your soul ..........