Monday, June 12, 2006

Five Pix to describe my life at the moment .....

..... a well - some of it ....

Beautiful Imperfection is a better description.

I am a wee bit 'not relaxed' at the moment.
I want to be working all the time.
That does not mean I am stressed.
I am sensitive to feelings and this is an early sign.
I get the message.
Holidays booked for 2nd July.
Two weeks away.
Greek sunshine!

I once said that I put myself out of the comfort zone.
When I go into new places
I sometimes sit alone
to see if anyone will talk to me
instead of me always being proactive.
Those times I feel lonely.
That does not mean I am lonely.
It means at that moment I feel the feelings of being lonely.

Working with those with special needs
is not me always being an approaching person.
Being the one to start the interactions.
Sometimes 'hanging out' is the best.
Being visible and available.
So many are so busy that they are never available.
But I do feel hurts
I feel rejection
I want to feel that
It keeps me tuned to real life.
Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness.............

I will go to Greece with Joan ::
Madame Butterfly - listen to the whole opera - every note - by d pool
5 x fiction
1 x Non-Fiction (I always take one book, such as Psalms, - and read a bit every day.
I never read fiction during the year
but always on annual holiday when I do about 5)

Music - loads of Radio Programmes from the past year - all stored on my iPod.
Laptop to keep blogging and downloading some Greek pix.
No shoes - just Sandals!
Coffee maker.
Portable music player - what a sound in such a small space.

DO ::
No talking to humans - I avoid them. Joan and I have a criteria for a destination which includes being alone for a change. After living in Residential community work/residency for 39 years - we like each other! - it is good to get away from humans ..........
Eat outdoors
Take pix for you
No plans
Busk it
Do what we want
Empty the head
Refresh the soul
Make notes
Dream ......................