Friday, June 02, 2006

Must have been thousands of interactions in your life - my life today.

Ony 7% of them would be words - they say.
(Famous person that
'they' person
- eh?)

Some of the best interactions are the smiling eyes.
Shining eyes looking at someone, however brief, can be the most beautiful thing.

Which humans have you smiled at with your eyes today?
It could be a small child at play - and we join in by a simple 'smiling eye' in that direction - or one to the parent.
It could be someone at our workplace
...... an eye can be the most power-full recognition tool in the toolbox.
It could be someone selling us a magazine - or a pear - or a ticket?
It could be someone who is in need
maybe not pleasant to look upon - but most in need of a smiling eye .....

If a transaction
an interaction
if not clearly positive
it is received as a negative transaction.

I feel them many times in a day
a back of a person
a face turned away
"hello" but slightly clipped - just a wee bit lacking in any emotion
and the person stayed turned away - turned away
loveloveloveloveyouallthesameallthesame .....

I need to go to bed zedz

Will be back tomorrow