Thursday, June 08, 2006

Angela Sarkis

..... has just been appointed as The National Secretary of YMCA England. That means she is CEO of the Central body which about 200 autonomous YMCA's affiliate to.

She is CEO of the head* - but not the body ......... that is why every human who has ever done the job has ............
......... needed to breathe deeply - often!

"I am an independent consultant with particular interest in organisational management, leadership development and diversity.

I have worked in many voluntary organisations, the public sector, faith communities and charitable trusts, including stints at the Probation Service and Family Service Units, around five years as Chief Executive of the Church Urban Fund and as a founding member of the Social Exclusion Unit.

Heavily involved in urban regeneration programmes, I have been trustee to BBC Children in Need, Youth Net UK and the King's Fund, and contributed in various ways to various Government and other committees and advisory groups, including the Home Office's Correctional Services Board and Active Community Unit Advisory Panel, the House Of Lords Appointments Commission, the Department for Education and Skills, the NCVO Diversity Project, and the African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance."


* ...... it could be she will be the CEO of the heart - or the soul - or the mouth ...... maybe only what the movement wishes.
So - it is a big job!!