Thursday, March 01, 2007

..... and I am aware that I have not been really active on these clicks during the past days ...... I have been busy and coming home late after long days with not much energy for blogging ........ so I have thrown some interesting bits on the blog but not been active on the keys.

I have been enjoying what I have been doing ......... facilitation of groups ......... training courses and I love it. Love working with groups.
It all needs prep. So many days need vital and detail prep. It is good for my soul because it is all stretch and learning in it.

Felt really drained earlier tonight. Need to kick some darkness until it bleeds daylight.
Need to get back to humans who are waiting a reply.
Need to read for inspiration and energising rather than prep only.
Need to breath deeply and deeply .............

Am still listening to music and it excites me discovering the new.
Thirst for the new.
The online Gilles Peterson, you can listen free for the next week, is so greeeeaaat.
I am listening now here .........

So much to reflect upon. Will do that when I have a break in focus.
Hope you like the vibes on the Pipod? Love this stuff.

Will catch you tomorrow and wish for you a journey of uncomfortableness .............. if you are comfortable ....... and comfort if you are disturbed .......... you are always beautiful - especially when you don't feel it. ...........

..... and just
a few words from Caroline::

When anger erupts its destructive lava
Lord, pour your cooling waters.

When depression's night blankets us in darkness
Lord, provide light.

When anxiety tricks and confuses our thoughts
Lord, be our compass.

When the isolation of loneliness cages us in
Lord, be the key to freedom.

When we are battered by life's storms
Lord, be our safe harbour.