Friday, February 06, 2009

I lean over
grab my iPhone
click TUBE
and the status
of all the London tubes are shown.

The first few days of 2009
It said
'delays due to
person under train ..........'

That was the new year for some.

Today I was stuck on the Central Line for two hours
It took me three and a half hours to get home.
five and a half total commute today.
The reason, I am glad to say,
was a mechanical problem
not a person under the train.
I feel sad about suicide
I never mind be stuck underground.
You have to live with it.
No use being down.
Keep on track I say.

Some Pipturesque here for you.
A splatter of life images.
I love these two beautiful humans
Collette and Hayley
they are so warm to me
love-love love em.

I am away at Warwick University over the week-End
and Norway for five days next week.
I love the challenge
as I have today.
I love to be stretched and getting it.
Until you value yourself,
you will not value your time.
Until you value your time,
you will not do anything with it.
'I am standing in the long now'
and living it ........

Lots of personal things to consider too.
I am living in uncertainty.
I am living in decision times
each decision fits the long now.
‘How strange
that we should
ordinarily feel compelled
to hide our wounds
when we are all wounded.’
M. Scott Peck

My inbox is full
I have to do other things
and return to it in my gaps
no gaps in sight.

I love Joan
love the Sheilas.

I live close to my feelings
sometimes raw
but I hold them and not neglect them
thought process - not neglect them either
nor the spiritual purpose
deepest eternal reflection.
'One of the most pervasive emotions
in the atmosphere around us is fear.

People are afraid – afraid of inner feelings,
afraid of other people,
and also afraid of the future.
And fearful people have a hard time waiting.'
Henri Nouwen

I meet with humans so full of feelings
it sparks my own experiences

To be controlled by feelings
is to be a perpetual child.

Faith is a tool in my toolbox.

I will blog tomorrow
I am working at home
then fly away .............

You don’t know how beautiful
You don’t know how beautiful you are
You don’t know, and you don’t get it, do you?
You don’t know how beautiful you are