Sunday, February 08, 2009

24 of us have been in conference over the week-end.
I am in recovery from the impact it has had on me.

I feel I have been amongst superstars.
The celebrities of real life.

The scene was this::
Warwick University.
A modern and lush
Business Conference Centre.
In stepped beautiful humans x 24.
In amongst the business men and women
beautiful humans too.

We had a sprinkling of staff along with young adults who mainly live in supported accommodation as they work through the issues which had been dished out to them. We had a bunch of characters, Personality full-on. Female and male. Not used to or willing to conform to the normal conference crap.

I was leading the sessions. Aiming at the development of the whole person. Encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, many of them not comfortable, into change and development. Yes we can.

I used movie clips and small groups to get them going. Raising awareness. Developing skills. Building confidence and self esteem. We processed through emotional literacy exercises. We worked at Level Five communication. We experienced it and felt the difference from it. The reflection throughout was learning. Everyone was adding their experiences and everyone leaning.

Out peeped beautiful humans. More of each one became visible. (We can see a persons behaviour but we cannot see their experience.) But when we get intimate, start revealing - we start to discover more and more of the 'beautiful' in the 'beautiful imperfection' in all of us. It was fantastic to see. To feel. To be part of that revealing. I feel privileged.

After the first day I felt we had the cohesion and trust. One beautiful human came up to me a gave me their life story in a matter of two minutes. All the hidden bits. The part you don't tell. It came out quickly, honestly without request or coaxing.
I believe that this is always a a big step. Liberation.

I have friends who tell me things. Often they come out slowly over time. That is great also. But the young human above, wanted to tell me who they who they was. It had to come out.

I believe that this event was and experience. Humans develop when there are new experiences. Humans develop when there is permission to say who they are. Sometimes the words are formed before they have worked out who they are. The act of telling helps the formulation. Without the telling it may never be told. Never discovered. Treasure unrevealed.
I can see their faces now. Their expressions. Emotions expressed in words and the non verbal.
I want to reside in this place.
Most meaningful to me.
Yet I feel so inarticulate about it.

you are beautiful.