Saturday, February 14, 2009

We had some fun today.
I cannot resist it when I am with a bunch of beautiful humans -
who are up for fun and learning.

Here we are with 20 kisses on Valentines Day -
see the video below.

I am in Norway and doing Mission at this special 'whole person' college. They are doing the education I love and admire.
It is about the whole person growing.
Yearning to become.

I am conducting sessions with them and leading them through a process of feeling safe and secure with me. Enough that they will take risks for their own development. Of course the greatest risks, the most dangerous journey, is the road less travelled. The journey into the interior. Undressing their soul. Clocking feeling, discovering there is so much more about emotional intelligence. Becoming articulate in emotional literacy. Discovering that there is another human inside the - trying to get out.
What an adventure.
Entering into a theme park of wonder and creativity.
All inside the human frame, which they have been around in, since birth.

I listen to Bugge Wesseltoft as I click - must upload one of his tracks.
A Norwegian artiste. A keyboard genius. Love him love him.

I have been working with 83 Students at this college.
I liken it to 'Fame School'.
It is the sort of dancing and singing community where humans have a year to adventure and discover.
A place where they can decide to learn from experiences rather than aim for academic certificates - they don't do that stuff.
But, they do consider, some of the questions about the future - their lives - their direction - their hopes ......
... it inspires me.
They are yearning to become and not just BE what they are.

All Norwegians I have ever met have been a picture of warmth and welcome.
The bring me here, full of hospitality and openness with their heart too.
I find the young humans are massive in co-operation.
They dive into games and interactions with energy.
But there is often a wall mid that journey.
They, like all of us, don't love like they have never been hurt.
They too ' ....are afraid to tell you who I am' the title of my favourite book.
They too are not in touch with their feelings
They too struggle to articulate them.
They too need experiences which give them permission to burst the bubble.

Every group is different. Some groups are not 'fertile soil'.
Some groups are hard in terms of not wanting to consider their interior life.
Every group is different. A different dynamic.
My mission is to become accepted by them.
To help deliver a climate of trust.
Fertile ground creation - w can only do that together.
Only then can we enter in.
Only then can we undress.
Undress and find onion-like layers of beautiful imperfection.

It was 1979 when I first did my study and a dissertation titled 'Emotional Deprivation'.
I was working with Gangs then and struggling to work with them and their behaviour.
And struggling to handle my own behaviour including feelings.
I knew that I would have to go beyond behaviour and look at, understand, what was driving the behaviour.
Since that big step forward, I have been on the continues journey of discover. How does a human work. All the beauty amongst the raging emotions. All the sparks coming out of a person when the lose it. All the freezing of he soul when they are wounded.
I had to reside in that wounded place - to understand and begin the work of undressing my soul.

I am reflecting in my little room in the Folk High School.
I must now do more prep for the sessions to come - and upload some music and video.

You are beautiful.