Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I would like to thank this great man. Thank you Oyvin.
The man on the keys::

Been a watching the Brits on TV tonight.

Joy came around because we have a joint meeting in early morning London.
Everyday since returning from Norway - I have been in the big town.
So three Wilsons watching Brits and thought it was good.
Still watching the parties on ITV2

The other Sheila was there with her presenter G*k W*n
She did the red crpet as his partner/guest for the night.
It has been text madness tonight
and good fun.

I am expecting big news tomorrow.
Will Blog it tomorrow.

Had a great meeting with my Blobmate Ian Long -
with our publisher who is turning out new stuff.
Lot's of ideas flowing and excited.

I am feeling cool.
Not worried
or tense.
Calm is the word.

A word for you