Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots to reflect on.
No time to do it.
Hope you are
and green?

Thanx big John for furniture.
It nearly killed me
my head was rammed by a wild bed-settee.
Big John was huffing and puffing.
He is my iLife 2009.

My laptop is filled up with Keynotes
My iPods are burning hot and ready to spin.
I have received my SMS from SAS,
strange to check in for a flight via text!

I will be at London City Airport early am.
It is close to my old hunting ground.
years of street work
and tough times and indigestion in those years.
(I have at last got someone to proof read my Gutter Feelings book,
the one about Youth Gangs. It WILL be re-published)

Just bought a new book about gangs - see the cover >>>>>>>

Also I have been prepping for school.
My after Norway school work.
My mind is buzzing with ideas and methodologies.

While I am away it is Valentines +
Beef on the Bone is back -
The Saints play their first game of the new
Rugby League Season against Warrington Wires -
and I will miss it - stink.

While I am away
my Mac will capture 21 hours of my favourite DJ's.
All captured from radio for my iPods.

Had a fab curry in Brick Lane last night.
BJ was in town but any reason will do.
We had 10 saying yes - but then they slipped away.
We ended up with 7 - beautful u mans.

I am so busy I keep forgetting I am vulnerable.
If you are feeling ditto -
try pumping/challenging/stretching activities - AND
a Brick Lane curry!

Bonnie is eight months already!!
(see the pic - big or what?)
Ross and Bonnie missed last night
I only hope the weather breaks
before the water breaks
so we can curry .......... please????

Zig keeps jumping on my knee and stopping me from working.
He is warm on the knees.
Nice he wants to be close.

I know Pip Wilson
but only a little.

I am still buzzing from last week-end.
I want to reside in a place called
wounded humans stepping out of
comfort zones where
growth resides.
Love it love it.

Bitty I know.
I will blog fro Norway.
Write in a book in airports and flights.
as always ...................................

...... you are beautiful .............